How to apply Refract

Here comes a very quick little guide on how to apply Refract. This is because I received some questions about the amount of product needed. You should not compare this with, for example, a spray wax where you can shower masses and it does not play a major role. Since it contains substances that cure to a very durable surface, it is important to dry the product properly! In some cases if you used tok too much product (then I mean tok fvery dry), not dried by properly or used poor microfibre cloths, a slight membrane may occur. No danger if this occurs if you have missed dried off at one place, equally solved equally so just apply if it solves! But to avoid misunderstandings, here are some tips from me 👍🏻

Never wash the car in direct sunlight, nor use Refract in direct sunlight (unless you feel that you are used to the product and know the flash time). In other words, pray safe and stand in the shade, the risk of the products drying too quickly increases significantly.

1. Wash the car thoroughly and allow it to dry (unless you want to use it as a drying aid).

tershine - Refract SiO2 Purify Shampoo

2. Spray one or max two showers in a new or freshly washed microfiber cloth of high quality weight as in the pictures.

tershine - Refract SiO2 microfiber cloth

3. Apply one panel at a time.

tershine - Refract SiO2 microfiber cloth application

4. Turn the cloth over (or use a separate clean and dry cloth) and buff the surface immediately after application.

tershine - Refract SiO2 microfiber cloth application 2

5. Double check after a few seconds that you have taken everything with you and failed to smudge it to another panel.

6. Continue around the car and keep in mind that the farther you get, the softer the cloth becomes, ie you need less product and the risk of it getting wet even on the dry side increases.

7. Double check your job and enjoy how the gloss increases in the first 10-30min.

tershine - Refract SiO2 ceramic gloss

You can of course shower directly on the paint, but the risk of over spray and that you take too much product that does not really remove the cloth becomes greater, depending entirely on how used you are, it is up to you. But if you follow my steps above it will be canon 👍🏻