Tips & Trix

Some quick tips on how to use the products.

Rule number one, always shake the bottle before using whatever product. Especially important on Relive, which layers when standing still. Try to avoid having things out in the sun for too long as there are no UV-blocking substances in the shampoo, for example.

Refract - Is intended to be used on a dry car such as a spray wax. It is really sick so it is enough with a few sprays for the whole car. For best results, spray directly into a microfiber cloth and apply one panel at a time, then flip on the fabric and buff up the surface, can be added in multiple layers for added protection and shine. Then let it cure for a few hours between each layer. Please see my separate guide for how Refract should be applied!

It is advantageous to put it on a wet car just before you wipe it off after washing (preferably mix 1: 10 with water in a separate bottle), then shower about one spray per panel and wipe off with your cloth. Always try on a smaller surface first if you are above with the product, should be diluted a little with water to make it even easier in this application. Do not forget to wash the cloth in 60 degrees without softener quite immediately as Refract will otherwise dry into the cloth and leave a surface behind which makes the cloth difficult to absorb water in the future.

I have had a few people who get like a light film on the car when applying, then you have used far too much product (with emphasis on too much), take a clean microfibre cloth and wipe off the excess if this film occurs. For an entire combination, about 2 mm product (from the 500 ml bottle) is more than good.

In fact, as the last variant, the product can also be laid on wet lacquer (dilute it 1: 10 if you do not feel 100% at home with this application) let it pull about 30-40 seconds and then rinse. You will have a run-off effect at once, smoothly run on rims or if you have some urgent ice in the washroom and want to boost things (always try on a smaller surface first and in some cases you can dilute the product with water to make application easier ).

tershine Refract Si02 high gloss on Porsche Panamera

Purify - Always fill the bucket with water first, then add the product (a capsule is good enough, but work well and see what you like best) and activate the foam with the high pressure nozzle. If you want to use it in a Foam Gun then it will take considerably more product but it works fine, depending on the model you may need to fill about 1 cm product into the container. Top up with warm water for best effect. Always wash with one Wash Mitt / Washing Glove of good quality, this to minimize the risk of pores, plus you save on the environment as these can be washed and used hundreds of times.

Purify S - Same procedure as with my usual Purify but use two (or more) corks, you almost have to labor a little what you think will be best. It just gives more shine and is not particularly sensitive to overdose. The funny thing is that when you first wash it you may think it looks shiny and nice, but wait a few hours and you will be surprised how much the shine increases. I know that sometimes the runoff can be experienced as it is inhibited directly when rinsing in a washroom (if you have Refract etc during), but since the product needs some cure time, the runoff will return when it has fully cured.

Porsche 930 foam gun washed with Purify and dried with Terhune Refract SiO2

relive - Always shake the bottle before use (it layers when standing), spray evenly over the rims and leave to work, they are very dirty, it can help with a small brush to roughen the surface with. Works on wet or dry surfaces. Can advantageously be used as fly grout remover. I am fully aware that the smell is not the nicest on it, but most types of these products smell like that. One tip for saving product is to use considerably less than what "feels" good, as the product is in light gel form so the surface does not become as wet at once. It will be a very nice and large spray mist of my nozzle so take a step back and try a little less, in most cases it does its job anyway.

tershine - Relive Iron Fallout Wheel Cleaner

Vision - Always shower the product in a tablecloth and not directly on the glass, this to save on the contents and you avoid loads of drafts and splashes on the ex inside of your dashboard. Can advantageously be used on LCD / Oled and other screens. It is extremely nice on mirrors, oven, tiles and other things in the home as well.

APC - Intended for the inside but works for the most part, cruel at solving tire debris that can come after a hard day on the track or clean fabric / leather as well as engine compartments. It really is, as it is called, an all-purpose cleaning of the highest quality. Can advantageously be diluted up to 50: 50 with water if you do not need the deep cleaning properties but want maintenance. Works just as well in the bathroom, etc.

tershine - APC All Purpose Cleaner super effective

Apex - Odd little bird that can also be used for most, but intended for lacquer or rims. Very easy to use, just spray plenty of surface to be cleaned and wiped off. The focus has been on cleaning properties so is great for eg bird droppings, insects in the front etc. Leaves a light wax membrane behind (Montana wax). Please feel free to attach video how well it works. Of course, it leaves a really good shine behind and thus works just as well as a regular quick detailer.

Magnify Wax - Super easy to use, apply with a foam applicator and allow to dry for about 1-2 minutes, then wipe with a high quality MF cloth. Of course, the better the result, the finer the surface underneath. Less is more :)

I always like to use protective gloves when caring for car care products, as well as protecting yourself as much as you can. It is also my strongest recommendation to keep the products dark and cool when not in use. Of course, they should also be kept away from children and animals.

If you have any questions or are thinking about how things should be used, just ask me on social media or send an email to and I will help as much as I can.