Since I get many similar questions daily, I try to compile the most common ones below (to be filled in afterwards):

How long does Refract last?

Very difficult to answer exactly, anything from any week up to a couple of months. Everything depends on how you wash, underwork, etc. I would say honestly 1-2 months with full retained effect. Know that some customers have had a good effect all the way up to 4 months (but it probably does not belong to the usual).

Can you use Refract in every wash?

Both yes and no! If you wash several times a week it is absolutely not necessary, it can be that you "saturate" the surface and the layer below has not really been able to cure yet. If you are frugal and careful then there is no problem but I usually run on Refract myself maybe 2-3 times a month to really boost the gloss and run-off to the max (I do wash my cars 2-3 times a week too). However, I would recommend mixing with 1: 10 water so you still get boost with the gloss but the risk of getting flammability etc drastically reduces. These modern sprays are not like old honest waxes where more is more, here it really is less is more.

Can Refract be used as a Wet Coat?

Yes it works gallantly, everything is a bit about handling. If you let it drag for too long it can get a little weird. Always start with type 1: 10 dilution the first times you try, you are not happy to go down a bit etc. I myself always drive with it in its usual state but I am a little chopped and showers off quickly on a reasonably clean car. Applies to all wet coats the worse the lacquer before the worse it attaches the more and so on.

What is the difference between Purify and Purify S?

Regular Purify is more than just (1: 2000 in mix ratio 1: 1000 on S), better spoon in the cleaning abilities and foams a bit more (better suited for foam gun). On the other hand, Purify S leaves a so-called "ceramic" film which both helps to build up existing varnish protection but above all gives even more buzz in the gloss. After all, it becomes a little fuzzy explanation as both of course work perfectly as pure shampoos. You must probably go for a little taste and liking and what the wallet says, do not think you will be dissatisfied with any of them.

Can you wash with Purify S at each wash?

Yes it works great!

Can I use Purify or Purify S in Foam Gun?


How to mix it then?

Extremely dependent on what you use for high pressure, foam gun etc. I myself drive with a Krentzle and mix about 20-25ml shampoo and then double the amount of water in (usually pour in hot water, imagine it will be better but have no evidence of it). Then I run my Foam Gun on as little water as possible and fully press the machine. Then it will be thick and fine foam! But there is no completely correct answer here, you simply have to try out what works best with your particular setup.

What should I apply Magnify Wax with?

What I personally think works best is a decent foamy, kind of a simple yellow from the garage or someone a little more luxurious. Apply one smaller area at a time and keep in mind that it really is super super just over. In other words, it should be applied by hand.

What do you recommend for degreasing?

Optional degreaser called something with "green" that you dilute yourself usually works great in normal washing. If you need to remove asphalt stains, etc., cold-degreasing applies. There, I think there is a whole wealth of products that do the job well so try your hand at it.

Can you buy your products in larger packages?

At present, well, I can of course pour it into larger cans and of course you can buy in 25l cans. But I'm looking into making 1l and 5l packages.

Do your products contain silicone?

Yes, of course, just like most of the products on the market, you have it in order to get certain properties (see below). There are infinitely many different branches of silicones used and also what in many cases are called polymers are in fact a form of silicone, designed to have a specific purpose just for car care!

Like polymers, silicones can have many tasks. Just a few of them are:

* Improve solubility
* Enhance reflective index (gloss)
* Improve surface wetting
* Make water mix better with oils
* Make 2 other types of ingredients mix more stable
* Increase the surface tension of the product
* Increase sheeting
* Help the product bond better with the surface
* Increase chemical durability

It is no surprise then that silicones are commonly used to improve a product, although this is often combined with polymers.

Start by clicking on the link below for some more information.

Right here!

There seem to be very many internet chemists who have very specific opinions without any major reason to stand on, so again again! Read: happy to go through whole post. a longer thread is below to get a slightly more accurate and nuanced picture of this (the link is under the English quote taken from the article written by the very famous car maintenance guru Mike Philips):

"The fear and confusion surrounding this single ingredient, silicone, is an ongoing problem. Some small car care chemical manufacturers create fear, uncertainty and doubt in people's minds by claiming their products contain no harmful silicones, suggesting that silicone is harmful to the paint. This product hype and misinformation spread from person to person, generation to generation, and now-a-days on the Internet, exaggerates the myth that silicones in car care products are harmful. The fact is that the biggest and most respected names in the paint and body shop industry, which include 3M and Meguiar's, use silicones in their car care products to make them better "


Can you dilute APC?

Yes it works great, it is very powerful as it is and you can dilute it up to 1: 4 with water if you need more to wipe off lighter dirt, etc.

Does Relive work on Alcoa-treated rims?

Yes, no problems at all

How do you get sponsored?

Imagine any job interview, assume that you should sell yourself and your car as well as what you can do to raise awareness for tershine etc. So you have to keep my thumbs up :)

Where do I shop your products?
See attached link

Which is best, your product or brand X?

I will never claim that my products are better than any other brand, we all have different tastes, likes, preferences, knowledge, conditions etc. My products I think are extremely affordable and perform very well. Then there are certainly others who think brand X is better or worse, etc., then it is great that we live in a free world where you have to decide for yourself which products and brands fall into one's taste. So please, don't ask that question, instead ask more specific questions about my products and what is it that makes me recommend them. How often do you usually go in and ask BMW how Audi's new models are to drive? :)

Why do you always write tershine with a small t?

Because my signature is the cut off. Thus, tershine should always be written with a small t, regardless of what is quite purely grammatical :)

Where are your products manufactured?

The products are manufactured by a very small mixer in the UK. The entire series has been tried out and developed specifically for me by several years of testing (the first trial version of ex Purify is from 2015). Throughout the first year, I filled every single bottle myself, but now that the volumes have increased, the bottles come to me. However, I still paste each label by hand. The dream and the goal in the future is for all production to take place in Sweden.

Will there be more products?

Of course, since I don't have the world's fattest budget, I can't squirt out my products, but I am working on trying to get one or two good polishes and my tire gloss is in the final tests.

If you have any questions or concerns, please write to me on Facebook or Instagram and I will reply immediately (mail is so heavenly 2017 haha) Tips & Tricks Also.