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But mail is so 2007;) Best is to write directly to me on social media.

0735075734, absolutely easiest is to reach me via sms, or pm on social media!

Usually in place every weekday. But, please hit a signal or sms / email if you want to look past as I have a lot to do about the days. I refer primarily to one of my ÅF.

Otherwise you will of course find me on social media under the name tershine!

Terms and conditions

Prices and payment

Each item is listed with price including VAT. In the shopping cart you can see the total price including all fees, VAT, shipping and payment. Payment methods are Klarna, Card and PayPal. For invoice please email! Also good Swisha when buying on site.
Payment terms are stated in the shopping cart depending on the selected payment method.

Return Policy

Your right of withdrawal (withdrawal period) is valid for 14 days. Of course I hope you will be satisfied with my products but if there are any problems that arise, please contact me at once and we will solve it.


Normal delivery time is during the same week (usually the day after), but keep in mind that I do this all by myself besides my regular job and sometimes it can take a little longer. Especially when I run out of products etc. I try to inform about this as clearly as possible both through my social media and here on the site. All deliveries are made by DHL and shipping numbers are sent via mail. In the event of failure to pick up the parcel and if this is to be returned again, shipping is charged for this. Shipping cost 79: - within Sweden!

Exchanges / Returns

Returns are at your own expense except if the item is defective or if we have packed incorrectly. Returns should be sent by letter or parcel, not by postage. At the exchange, I pay the new freight from me to you. Replacements are going well but please let me know first why you want to change, so we can come up with a good solution. 14 days open purchase! For shipping that has not been redeemed and not canceled but returned to tershine, a fee of currently 300 SEK incl. VAT to cover shipping, return shipping and administration.

See also the Consumer Agency and the Distance Contracts Act, as well as the EU's joint dispute resolution site

On 25 May 2018, the new GDPR Data Protection Regulation begins to apply. It replaces the Swedish Personal Data Act and applies as a law in all EU countries. All companies, organizations and authorities must comply with the new rules. The primary purpose of the Data Protection Regulation is to improve protection for you as a customer with us when your personal data is processed. This means, among other things, that you have the right to find out how we use the information we have about you and for what purpose. We only use your personal information to create receipts and send out orders. Everything is stored via Shopify (the webshops solution) and you as a customer can request any information from the system at any time. Data stored is as follows:

Name, address, telephone number and any email address.

If you have any questions or questions, please email

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