tershine - Who am I?

Tjing tjong,

My name is Tobias Ericson and throughout my life I have been a great car but above all car care fanatic!

It all started with my first car, a graphite gray SAAB 900 Turbo with oxblood-colored plush, electric roof hatch and all possible fittings that were available. The car had also been SAAB's own show car at the Detroit fair 1986. The car got to taste layer after layer of various car care products and I realized there that I really love having a shiny car. Unfortunately, my trip with it was not so long as I had to remove the tapping sensor and turn up the charging pressure to max, it went like satan a week ago it said bang and all the cooling water ran out of the car. Since I had also had ten burglaries in the car, I chose to resell it without repairing it.

After that, lots of cars have passed in my own garage, but something that has always returned is the pursuit of more brilliance! I have spent a great deal of time over the years learning everything I can about car care, everything from polishing techniques, products, accessories, etc. and how many layers you can put off one or the other to maximize shine and protection.

After nerding me down in my own cars all year, I started getting requests from friends who also wanted as good a shine as me and on that road everything rolled on with car care. Those of you who have followed me in social media know that I have almost completely polished very exclusive sports cars or unusual enthusiast vehicles in the past, where the highest demands are placed on the end result!

For years, a thought had been in my back of mind that it would be very fun to be able to make your own product range at some point, where the focus should be on anyone being able to use the products, and get a cruel end result without having to be equal geeky like me or pay thousands. High focus is also on the use of such non-harmful substances as is only possible in my formulations.

With my background in a development department in the lubricant industry, in 2015 I started to talk to knowledgeable people both high and low in the vehicle / industry chemistry. After thousands of e-mails, meetings, swearing-in, unsuccessful mixes and rejected product proposals, I finally have a series of products that I can stand behind to 110%. The release of the products took place in the summer of 2017 and from 2018 this is my full time job, today we are three employees and live in Täby north of Stockholm.

As I said, high focus has been on anyone without prior knowledge to be able to get world-class results in minimal time!

Enough talk about me and what tershine is, be sure to test the products because I really don't think you will be disappointed!


Tobias Ericson
Head Of Gloss