Tips & Trix

Tips & Trix

Rule number one, always shake the bottle before using whatever product. Especially important on Relive, which layers when standing still. Try to avoid having things out in the sun for too long as I do not use any UV-blocking substances in the shampoo, for example. Also, never stand in direct sunlight when doing car care (unless you know the products well).

We start with a quick small list of the order in which the products are to be used (applies primarily to those who do not feel completely at home with car care):

Always start with degreasing (even in summer time). Do you have asphalt cracks (those hard black dots) then you drive with Dissolve. It leaves you lying for a few minutes and then you follow up with Extract mixed 5-10% in water and leave it on top of the Dissolven for a few minutes (in cold weather it should be much longer). You only use Dissolve if needed, but I think Extract has been used for every wash, in the summer you can dilute it below 5%. Extract also works gallantly on the carpets inside the car, under the hood etc.

Shower on a little Relive on the rims and let go.

Then flush the car from bottom to top (be careful, you will have it again later). Here you can also add a little Relive if needed to solve those where the asphalt cracks that are happy to bite into the car (then rinse again after a few minutes).

Then shampoo with Purify S or regular Purify and rinse (flush from top to bottom).

As a next step, you can use either Refract or Apex on the car, depending on whether you should use it as Wet Coat or drying support (see below for more details). Then wipe the car with my fantastic wipes (obviously you can dry right after you rinse the shampoo as well).

Finish off by cleaning the windows with Vision (so much more pleasant overall impression with super clean glass surfaces).

Drive a turn with APC on the inside to remove miscellaneous dirt, grease, dust and anything else that accumulates inside the car. I usually run Apex in doorways, moldings etc.

The following is a little more detailed for each product!

Refract - Is intended to be used on a dry car such as a spray wax. It is really sick so it is enough with a few sprays for the whole car. For best results, spray directly into a microfiber cloth and apply one panel at a time, then flip over the fabric and buff up the surface or run with a new cloth. Remember that the cloth gets softer and softer the longer around (ie less and less means are needed). Please divide each panel into sections the first time you use the product so you get to know it properly. If it is very hot outside or you need to stand in the sun etc, please use a damp mf cloth to facilitate the application (if you are not used to it).

It is also advantageous to put it on a wet car just before you wipe it off after washing, including it up to 1: 10 with water a separate bottle, then shower about one spray per panel and wipe off with your cloth. Do not forget to wash the cloth in 60 degrees without softener quite immediately as Refract will otherwise dry into the cloth and leave a slightly crystallized surface behind which makes the cloth difficult to absorb water in the future. However, it is diluted a little nicer.

I have had a few people who get like a light film on the car when applying, then you have used far too much product (with emphasis on too much), take a clean microfibre cloth and wipe off the excess if this film occurs, as soluble as so also try a damp time mf-cloth with which you then run one or two syringes with Refract in. For a whole combination, about 2 mm product (from the 500 ml bottle) is more than good. Can also be mixed 1: 10 with water if you want easier application or if you use the product frequently. To much "ceramic" can cause a little over saturation, then it is much nicer to have it mixed with water.

In fact, as the last variant, the product can also be laid on wet varnish, allow it to draw about 30-40 seconds and then rinse off. Sure, you do not stay very long, but you will have a draining effect at once, smoothly run on rims for example. The same thing with mixing out 1: 10 applies here if you are not feeling 100% safe with the product.

tershine Refract Si02 high gloss on Porsche Panamera

Purify - Always fill the bucket with water first, then add the product (a cap is sufficient) and activate the foam with the high pressure nozzle. Do you want to use it in a Foam Gun then it will go for much more product. Extremely dependent on what you use for high pressure, foam gun etc. I myself drive with a Krentzle and mix about 20-25ml shampoo and then double the amount of water in (usually pour in hot water, imagine it will be better but have no evidence of it). Then I run my Foam Gun on as little water as possible and fully press the machine. Then it will be thick and fine foam! But there is no completely correct answer here, you simply have to try out what works best with your particular setup.

Purify S - Same as above, but this product actually feels good from a little light overdose. I write two corks on the bottle, but try your hand at what you like most. The gloss will increase during the first 12 hours after washing.

relive - Always shake the bottle before use, spray evenly over the wheels and leave to work, they are very dirty it can help with a small brush to roughen the surface with. Works on wet or dry surfaces. Can advantageously be used as a fly grout remover. Since it is in a light gel form, it will come more than you think from the nozzle, take a step back and shower farther from then the product will last longer (try I promise, it works).

tershine - Relive Iron Fallout Wheel Cleaner

Vision - Always shower the product in a tablecloth and not directly on the glass, to save on the contents as well as avoid the mass of drafts and splashes on the ex inside of your dashboard. I think half the thing about getting clean squares is a really good one cloth, please look into the one I have that makes the job easy.

APC - Intended for the inside but mostly works, sick cruelly at solving tire debris that can come after a hard day on the track or clean fabric / leather as well as engine room. It really is, as it is called, an all-purpose cleaning of the highest quality. Also works perfectly for the home. Can advantageously be diluted up to 1: 5 ish.

tershine - APC All Purpose Cleaner super effective

Apex - Odd little bird that can also be used for most, but intended to be used on lacquer or rims. Very easy to use, just spray plenty of surface to be cleaned and wiped off. The focus has been on more cleansing properties than maybe a "standard" Quick Detailer does, but of course it leaves out a great shine and stands out extremely well as a pure QD.

Dissolve - Is a so-called cold degreaser that dissolves primarily petroleum-based dirt but also removes the road salt etc. Shower on dry or wet car (best effect on dry). As a rule, spray from the handles downwards. As I use a slightly nicer solvent, it will have to lie for a while. Super fast against moldings, seals etc.

Extract - When this product is super concentrated it must be mixed 5-10% with water, ie 5% dilution gives 20 liters of finished product. I myself usually use it around 7-8%. Of course, you can go even further if there are extremely dirty surfaces (type of workshop floor etc etc). Just remember, of course, that it becomes a little more aggressive when you mix it strongly. But for ordinary vehicles, more than 10% is never or rarely needed. Spray out over the entire vehicle and allow to operate in 5-10 min (do not allow to dry). Then flush from bottom to top. Then continue with any washing step :)

If you have any questions or are thinking about how things should be used, just ask me on social media or send an email to and I will help as much as I can.