Apex - Quick details

Apex - Quick details

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Expected to be back in stock week 10 in V2!

Apex is a quick detailer specially designed to be used if you want to boost the gloss and no washing possibilities exist, for example at bank run, rally, car hits etc. Thanks to its unique composition, it lifts dirt and particles from the paint and leaves a protective wax layer. Works great as a "regular" quick detailer and gives really good print in no time.

Excellent for removing bird droppings, flies and more directly after bank run / drifting. Or why not whip up the last shine on the rims before the exhibition begins?

On hard dirty surfaces, use plenty of product to dissolve dirt and create a protective film between the microfibre cloth and the surface to be cleaned, being careful to fold the microfibre cloth after each move. Finally, buff up the finish with a clean side or preferably with a separate cloth.

When everything is done by hand, the color and scent can change slightly between the batches, it is still exactly the same product in terms of performance! I always recommend shaking the product before use.


Safety data sheets are available on request.

Not subject to labeling!
Keep out of the reach of children and dark and frost-free. Avoid eye contact. Ensure good ventilation.