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Detailing Bag

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Expected to be back in stock week 9!

Awesome versatile Detailing Bags with lots of space. Very good quality and specially tailored to my specifications in Estonia. Six compartments on the outside for 500 ml bottles, two large compartments for eg 1 liters, brushes etc. Velcro on the back for mounting in a car, both bags also have a shoulder strap. Spacious inside with three compartments, one with zipper.

Available in two models where one has lids with mesh in and white edge, the other can be unfolded into a large sailor bag that holds huge amounts of tablecloths, brushes, machines and also has a black edge.

Made of very durable materials and are of the highest quality. In other words, a must in order to easily organize, store and transport your products.

More information and pictures are coming soon!