Drying Towel 50x55

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Unfortunately, the cloths are out of stock but are expected to show up week 8/9!

Cloth model great! No streaks or water left behind and the larger model you don't have to turn out on a whole car (or two for that matter either).

Available in two variants, 75x90 or 50x55 cm. I recommend the large one as a basic set-up and the smaller one as a complement (moldings, post drips, rims etc). Of course, the smaller tablecloth works great for wiping the whole car with as well.

mobile: 530
Size: 50 x 55 cm
Material: 80% polyester, 20% polyamide

Made in Korea

Care instructions: Wash in 40- 60 degrees without fabric softener. Skip regular detergent as it usually has the ability to "close" the fibers and make the fabrics work poorly. Just run hot water or APC / Alkaline (some cork in the machine) so it usually works just fine.