Gloss pack Maxi

Gloss pack Maxi

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Unfortunately, the cloths and wash gloves are out of stock but are expected to appear soon! When ordering, the cloth / glove is sent afterwards.

Awesome package with just about everything you need to keep your vehicle in top trim on both inside and outside, includes:

Purify - Shampoo everything. Purify S
Refract - Ceramic Quick Coat
Relive - Wheel Cleaner
Apex + - Gloss Booster
Vision - Glass Cleaner
APC - All Purpose Cleaner
Microfiber Cloth Standard
Microfiber Cloth Allround
Glass Cloth

You can also choose with Purify S instead of Purify in the drop down menu!

Safety data sheets are available on request (see each product separately).
Keep out of the reach of children and dark and frost-free.