Microfiber Cloth Allround

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NOTE! Due to the prevailing situation in Asia, it is the dark blue equivalent replacement fabric you will get in the meantime!

An amazingly nice microfibre cloth that fits just as well on the inside as the outside. Awesome high quality, lint free and with nicely stamped tershine logo! More tightly sewn than my other ones, which makes it flow more easily over plastic, textiles, etc. so I run this on the inside. But works equally with Apex or APC etc.

mobile: 320
Size: 40X40 cm
Material: 80% polyester, 20% polyamide

Made in Korea

Care instructions: Wash in 40- 60 degrees without plasticizer. Skip regular detergent as it usually has the ability to "close" the fibers and make the tablecloths work worse. Just run hot water or APC / Alkaline (some cork in the machine) so it usually works just fine.