Refract - Ceramic Quick Coat

Refract - Ceramic Quick Coat

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Refract is a so-called "ceramic" quick coat especially designed for those of us who love to drive our vehicles both on the track and the street, but still want to have a brilliant shine and runoff when the day is over. Thanks to its innovative composition, it provides long-lasting protection and magical shine, despite its simple application method.

Refract is very easy to use and gives absolutely insane shine and a wonderfully nice run. Spray one or two sprays into a microfiber cloth and apply one panel at a time (smaller product the longer around the vehicle you will be when the cloth will be saturated), turn on the cloth and buff up the surface on the direct (try a smaller panel the first time you use the). During the first hour, the gloss will gradually increase. After 24 hours, additional layers can be applied if desired for increased durability and a bit more shine, but always remember the word "less is more".

The product leaves a very strong membrane behind which gives you a long shelf life, a tremendously high gloss and a fine finish. I choose not to print any times for how long the product lasts as I often think it is pure tram numbers that many people state. Since you can never know what basic conditions look like and what climate it is used in, how the vehicle is washed, cared for, etc. But believe me, it holds surprisingly well and above all it gives incredibly high gloss.

Can advantageously be used as a drying aid after washing, then mix the product up to 1: 10 (1 part product 10 parts water) with water in another bottle (obviously clean but easier when diluting it). Before wiping should be done, shower one to two syringes per panel and then wipe back with a cloth and smile at how sick a lot of shine you just got from barely doing anything. Do not forget to wash the cloth quite immediately or soak it as the product "dries" out the cloth so it becomes more difficult to soak up the water at the next use. Also works surprisingly well as a "wet coat", ie shower on wet car, let it dry a short while and rinse off. Always try on a smaller surface first and preferably dilute it according to my recommendation for this purpose. The product is extremely dry so use less than you might normally feel "good". Less is more really applies to this product!

Remember to never stand in the sun when applying the product, make sure the hood, etc. is well cooled. And always work only one panel at a time and do not overdose either. Should you use it often, it should be diluted to minimize the risk of flame, etc.

Options with an extra empty bottle including trigger are in the drop down menu! Perfect for diluting the product.

When everything is done by hand, the color and scent can change slightly between the batches, it is still exactly the same product in terms of performance! I always recommend shaking the product before use.

Safety data sheets are available on request.

Not subject to labeling!

Contains: dimethylsiloxane, propane-2-ol
Keep out of the reach of children and dark and frost-free. Avoid eye contact. Ensure good ventilation.